The transmission of information has never stopped evolving, helping senders and receivers to stay connected, no matter where they are on the planet, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Telecommunications have gone from analog to digital, and the Covid-19 pandemic has turned many emerging technologies into indispensable infrastructures for the telecommunications ecosystem.

The objective of this chair is to encourage the study of technologies and develop new tools that allow providers to take advantage of the large amount of data they handle so as not to be left behind in this new era for communications.

Training, orientation and talent acquisition

Our mission is to provide additional training to students, scholarships to carry out end-of-study projects, career guidance to graduates and to expand the knowledge of both students and company staff.

Events, activities and sponsorships

We are actively involved in the organization and support of events, conferences, awards, contests, and other activities of interest to the subject of the chair

Technological prospecting

We dedicate this area to collaboration between the company and research groups whose subject is relevant to the objectives of the chair in order to investigate and study new technologies and their practical application in the real world.

Especially in telecommunications, disruptive changes are needed in order not to be left behind in a constantly changing society.

Collaborative innovation

It is the premise of this chair. We want to combine scientific knowledge with business experience in order to generate new value for this industry.

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